Focus Feature- Bordette®

Followingbordette on from last week’s focus on our range of Fadeless® display paper, this week’s feature is going to look at another essential item for classroom displays: Bordette® border rolls. These border rolls are now infamous and are asked for by name in schools throughout the world. Our leading pre-cut border trim is made in our warehouse in the UK using corrugated Fadeless® paper and is available in vast array of colours and three different designs. The scalloped edge finish still remains an old favourite but the Zig-Zag and Castle edged designs are fast becoming more popular, with all three helping to add the finishing touch to any display by complementing our Fadeless® display paper. As with the Fadeless® range there are a number of different sections to the Bordette® brand so this feature will again look at each one in turn. Once again please note that all prices mentioned do not include VAT.

 Scalloped finish Bordette®.

As mentioned above, the scalloped edge Bordette® rolls remains our best seller. Each roll carries measurements of 57mm x 15m (two strips of 7.5m per roll) and are available in the following 24 colours:


White (3701-4) Deep Purple (3704-4) Chinese Red (3706-4) Nile Green (3712-4) Azure (3716-4) Teal (3719-4) Pink (3726-4) Violet (3733-4)
Brown (3702-4) Lime (3705-4) Canary (3708-4) Apple Green (3713-4) Bright Blue (3717-4) Royal Blue (3720-4) Orchid (3728-4) Magenta (3734-4)
Flame (3703-4) Sunset Gold (3707-4) Orange (3710-4) Emerald (3714-4) Rich Blue (3718-4) Sky Blue (3721-4) Black (3730-4) Metallic Gold (3739-4)

Each roll is also only £2.99 so they are superb value for money! We do also provide an assortment pack of our scalloped Bordette® rolls at a cost of £18 for one roll of each of the following colours: Black, Flame, Bright Blue, Emerald, Rich Blue and Canary.


Zig-Zag, Castle and Straight cut finishes.

In addition to the scalloped edges, we also supply zig-zag, castle and straight cut edges. Again they are £2.99 a roll with measurements of 57mm x 15m, but they are only available in a limited range of colours:

  Zig-Zag Castle Straight
White 3301-4 3351-4

Flame 3303-4 3353-4 3403-4
Canary 3308-4 3358-4 3408-4
Orange 3310-4 3360-4

Apple Green 3313-4 3363-4

Emerald 3314-4 3364-4 3414-4
Bright Blue 3317-4 3367-4 3417-4
Rich Blue 3318-4 3368-4

Black 3330-4 3380-4 3430-4
Violet 3333-4 3383-4



zigzag-bordetteThese imaginative finishes offer teachers something a little bit different to set their displays apart from everyone else’s and each finish is also available in a six roll castle-bordetteassortment pack. Just like the scalloped pack, these are priced at £18 and contain the following colours:

Zig-Zag and Castle = Flame, Bright Blue, Black, Emerald, Canary, Rich Blue

Straight Cut = Flame, Canary, Emerald, Bright Blue, Magenta, Black.


Bumper Bordette® Assortment.37002-ci-101-roll-12-bordette-assortment_a

This has got to be every teacher’s dream border roll pack! Made up of 12 rolls of scalloped finished Bordette®, this assortment pack is brilliant value for money at only £33! The colours included are white, brown, flame, canary, orange, nile green, emerald, bright blue, rich blue, black, violet and magenta so you get a superb variety of colours to fit any display.

Coloured Themed Assortments.

We have also put together a range of colour themed assortment packs using our scalloped Bordette® rolls in packs containing either four or six rolls priced at £12 or £18 respectively.

  • Four roll packs

These assortment packs contain similar or related colours that complement each other, with these five packs available at this moment in time:37010-reds-oranges_b

  1. Reds/Oranges – Flame, Orange, Chinese Red, Sunset Gold
  2. Purple/Pinks – Violet, Deep Purple, Magenta, Pink
  3. Blues- Sky, Rich, Azure, Bright Blue37012-blues_b
  4. Greens – Emerald, Lime, Nile and Apple Green
  5. Neutrals – Black, White, Brown, Metallic Gold
  • Six roll packs

There are six different packs in this section, with each pack again containing similar or related colours.

  1. Warm Colours – Flame, Canary, Black, Orange, Violet and Metallic Gold37004-bordette-spring-asst
  2. Spring/Pastel Tones – 2 x Nile Green, 2 x Sky Blue, 1 x Pink, 1 x Canary
  3. Cool Colours- Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue, Nile Green, Azure and White
  4. Cool Blues – 2 x Royal Blue, 2 x Bright Blue, 1 x Teal, 1 x Azure
  5. Halloween – 2 x Orange, 2 x Black, 1 x Violet, 1 x Apple Green
  6. Autumn – 2 x Brown, 2 x Orange, 1 x Apple Green, 1 x Flame.37005-bordette-autumn-asst



Stockroom Assortments.3795x-bordette-stockroom-asst_a

We have two fantastic items in this range that are perfect for keeping your favourite border trims tidy and on hand. Each box contains 36 rolls, with them both priced at £99. The original is made up of the six top selling colours, whilst the newer line contains 12 different colours to add even more variety to your displays!

Original = six rolls of Flame, Canary, Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue and Black

New line = three rolls of White, Brown, Flame, Canary, Orange, Nile Green, Emerald, Bright Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Violet and Magenta.

Bumper Borders Box.37930-bumper-borders-box

This is a stunning collection of our borders. The storage box contains a standard (scalloped) Bordette® assortment, a Zig-Zag assortment, a Fadeless® Card Borders assortment and an assorted pack of solid coloured trimmers. To put it another way, you get over 300m of borders for just £72.50!

Fadeless® Card Border Rolls.



If you want a border for your display but would like something a bit different to Bordette® then maybe you should try our Fadeless® Card Border Rolls! Made from strong 270gsm card, these rolls offer a crisp, professional finish to displays and also act as a perfect solution for areas of high traffic. There are twelve solid and two metallic colours available in the range, with each roll consisted of a scalloped and straight edge:

White (7700-0) Emerald Green (7714-0)
Flame Red (7703-0) Azure Blue (7716-0)
Canary (7708-0) Bright Blue (7717-0)
Orange (7710-0) Rich Blue (7718-0)
Nile Green (7712-0) Black (7730-0)
Apple Green (7713-0) Violet (7733-0)
Metallic Silver (7797-0) Metallic Gold (7798-0)

The solid rolls are priced at £2.99 a roll and the metallic colours are £3.75, with each roll measuring 57mm x 15m (just like the Bordettes®). We also offer three assortment packs that are made up of six border rolls and are all priced at £18:ass-bulletin

  1. General Assortment = Flame, Canary, Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue, Black

warm-bulletin2. Warm Colours = Flame, Canary, Black, Orange, Violet, Whitecool-bulletin

3. Cool Colours = Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue, Nile Green, Azure Blue, Apple Green

In addition to these packs we have bumper 12 and 36 roll assortment packs available. The 12 roll pack includes one roll of each of the solid colours we supply and, at £33 a pack, we have to say they are superb value for money! The 36 roll ‘value’ pack, on the other hand, is made up of three rolls of all the solid colours available in the range and is a superb classroom resource. Plus, at £99 it’s affordable as well as essential!

We do also have two assortment packs for our straight cut border rolls, which consist of six bumper 25m rolls. These are priced at £22.95 and are available in the following combinationsborder-rolls-1:

Standard = Flame, Canary, Nile Green, Bright Blue, Black, Violetborder-rolls-2

Festive = White, Flame, Emerald, Rich Blue, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold


Unfortunately these straight cut rolls are only available as part of these packs and so are not available to buy individually.

Design Bordette®

The Design Bordette® is a hugely popular range that features themed and patterned border which add something special to any display. There are 16 designs in total and each roll contains 2 x 3.75m strips for £3.35. We also have two assorted packs available in this range that are made up of six patterns:

37600-CI-101 37500-CI-101
Crayons (3769-0)

School Days (3761-0)

Spring Flower (3791-0)


Dots (3774-0)

Stars (3790-0)

Busy Bees (3775-0)


Handprints (3760-0)

Cupcakes (3773-0)


Autumn Leaves (3768-0)


Plaid (3772-0)


Winter Fun (3792-0)


Clouds (3793-0)


37995-bordette-designs-bumper-assortmentThere are four designs – Vintage Lace, Bandana, Watercolour Flowers, Driftwood – that are not included in either of these packs as they are brand new for 2016! However, they are available as part of our 32 roll value classpack, which contains two rolls of every design that we supply and is priced at £99.frame-it

We do have one Bordette® design that we haven’t mentioned yet as it is a little bit unique. The Framed It! Bordette® (3770-0) is straight cut and was specifically designed for framing display boards and/or individual pieces of work, but it is still priced at £3.35 like the rest of our designed rolls.

Safari Print Assortment.

37940-ci-101-safari-print-bordette-asst_aWe already have a very popular Safari print range available in tissue paper, Fadeless® rolls, felt and card packs but we are very happy to say that you can now get them in Bordette® as well! The pattern on each roll is the same on both sides, with one side corrugated and the other straight. Unfortunately these rolls are not available individually, but you can get them in a fantastic assortment pack which is priced at £19.25 and contains one roll of the following patterns: giraffe, zebra, snake, alligator, tiger, cheetah.


These particular rolls provide a glitzy finish and eye catching appeal to all your displays, especially around Christmas time! They are a perfect way to brighten up a classroom during the long winter months and are available in seven different colours: black, red, blue, gold, silver, green, purple. Each roll is 57mm wide, contains 2 x 3.75m strips and is priced at £4.00. We also have an assortment pack of the most popular metallic colours available to buy for £21.50. Each pack contains one roll of silver, gold, red, blue, green and purple.

Crown Corrugated Borders.

bordette-crownIf you want something a little different for your display then our metallic crown borders pack might be the thing for you! Despite not being available to buy separately, each pack contains 5 corrugated metallic borders in blue, silver, gold, red and green with all the rolls measuring 10m in length (2 x 5m strips). For £12.95 you can create a unique display that no one else would have…or you can make fancy crowns instead!



For something a little different during the winter months, our icicle Bordette® rolls are available in a variety of different sizes and colours and – like the Crown borders – can be used to put the finishing touch on displays or make crowns for school plays! The Metallic Gold is only available in the 70mm x 7.5m size and is priced at £3.85, but we do have White and Silver rolls available in this size and a larger 127mm x 15m. The prices for these are as follows:

  • White (small) = £3.25OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • White (large) = £5.25
  • Silver (small) = £3.95
  • Silver (large) = £6.75.

Winter Bordette® Assortment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a unique combination of our metallic and icicle Bordette® rolls. At a fantastic price of £18.50, you can get two rolls of our white icicles and one roll each of metallic red, blue, gold and silver – the perfect solution to glitzing up your displays in the run up to Christmas!


If you are interested in any of these products and would like more information about them you can request for a catalogue to be sent out to you by calling 01384 485550 and emailing

Focus Feature: Fadeless® Display Paper

The second installmentfadeless4_clogo of our weekly product feature focuses on Fadeless® Display paper, which is one of the most popular ranges in our Education department. This range of bespoke display papers was developed in California with the aim of combatting the long hours of sunshine and subsequent bleaching of wall displays. The end result is a stunning range of vivid fade resistant papers that will leave displays looking bright and colourful for months on end. We have a number of different varieties of products under the Fadeless® brand so this feature will dedicate a separate section for each one.

Our Fadeless® rolls come in 32 colours and 4 different sizes – 1218mm x 15m, 609mm x 18m, 1218mm x 3.6m and 609mm x 3.6m – although not every colour is available in each size. The tables below shows the full range of colours and the sizes that they come in.

Extra Wide Fadeless®

1218mm x 3.6m (Dash 8) 1218mm x 15m (Dash 5) 1218mm x 3.6m (Dash 8) 1218mm x 15m (Dash 5)
White 5701-8 5701-5 Maroon


5702-5 Pink 5726-8 5726-5
Flame Red 5703-8 5703-5 Orchid

Chinese Red 5706-5 Black 5730-8 5730-5
Canary 5708-8 5708-5 Dark Yellow

Old Gold

5709-5 Violet 5733-8 5733-5
Orange 5710-8 5710-5 Magenta

Nile Green 5712-8 5712-5 Bright Purple 5736-8 5736-5
Apple Green 5713-8 5713-5 Sunshine Yellow 5737-8 5737-5
Emerald 5714-8 5714-5 Pewter 5785-8 5785-5
Azure 5716-8 5716-5 Tan 5786-8 5786-5
Bright Blue

5717-5 Deep Purple 5787-8 5787-5
Rich Blue 5718-8 5718-5 Sunset Gold 5788-8 5788-5

5719-5 Lime 5789-5 5789-5
Royal Blue 5720-8 5720-5 Metallic Silver* 5797-8 5797-5
Sky Blue 5721-8 5721-5 Metallic Gold* 5798-8 5798-5

*Metallic colours only available in 7.5m length.


Standard Width Fadeless®

609mm x 18m (Dash 7) 609mm x 3.6m (Dash 0) 609mm x 18m (Dash 7) 609mm x 3.6 (Dash 0)
White 5701-7 5701-0 Bright Blue 5717-7

Brown 5702-7 5702-0 Rich Blue 5718-7 5718-0
Flame 5703-7 5703-0 Royal Blue 5720-7 5720-0
Canary 5708-7 5708-0 Pink 5726-7 5726-0
Orange 5710-7 5710-0 Black 5730-7 5730-0
Nile Green 5712-7

Dark Yellow 5732-7

Apple Green 5713-7 5713-0 Violet 5733-7 5733-0
Emerald 5714-7

Magenta 5734-7

Azure 5716-7 5716-0 Sunshine Yellow 5737-7


All the rolls are made in the manufacturing department of our warehouse which is based in the West Midlands. The extra wide 1218mm x 15 and 3.6m are £14.95 and £4.60 respectively apart from the metallic 3.6m rolls which are £6.50. The 609mm x 18 and 3.6m rolls are £9.95 and £2.55 respectively but please note that these prices do not include VAT.

As mentioned previously, the colours are so vivid they will brighten up schools instantly, and the fact that they are made from high quality paper means that they will last longer as well. Each roll comes individually boxed or wrapped for storage so waste will not cause a big problem, and the sizes available provide enough paper to fit standard display boards. The extra wide sizes also cover boards in one sweep, providing convenience and saving precious time in the process.fadeless-four-pack-colours

Alongside the individual colour rolls, we also have a number of different assortment packs available for all of the sizes apart from the ‘Dash 8’. For the ‘Dash 5’ range we have a brilliant range of colour themed assortments that are available in packs of four related or similar colours. There are seven packs in total that consist of the following colours combinations: blue, green, red/orange, yellow, purple/pink, metallic and neutral. These are all priced at £58 and are perfect for seasonal work or co-ordinating displays throughout a school.

The assortment pack in the ‘Dash 7’ size consists of six colours – Flame, Canary, Emerald Green, Bright Blue, Rich Blue and Black – and costs £53. Each roll comes in a storage box that will help to prevent damage during transit or whilst it is in storage, and the rolls can even be dispensed whilst still in the box. The ‘Dash 0’ rolls, on the other hand, are supplied film wrapped and are ideal for covering small display areas. The assortment pack is prices at £25.50 and is made up of two rolls of the following colours: Canary, Flame, Azure, Apple Green, Black and Rich Blue.


Fadeless® Designs.

As well as plain block colours, we also supply a range of patterned Fadeless® papers in the ‘Dash 8’ and ‘Dash 5’ sizes. These papers all feature one of forty unique and stunning patterns printed on them and are available individually or in two handy stockroom assortment packs:

57520-CI-101 57525-CI-101 57520-CI-101 57525-CI-101
Night Sky

√ x2



Tu-Tone Brick


Under the Sea


Tropical Foliage

√ x2

Centre Stage
Winter Time


Tropical Beach



Summer Horizon






Framed at Last




Desert Sand



Autumn Horizon






Wispy Clouds




City Lights


Weathered Wood

Reclaimed Brick




The rolls contained in these stockroom assortments are all 1218mm x 3.6m in size, and in addition to these we also have a number of smaller assortment packs available in the same size:

  1. Chevron Value Pack – Yellow, Lime, Pink and Aqua (£24)
  2. Black & White ‘Sensory’ Assortment – Chevron, Classic Dots, Classic Stripes, Classic Moroccan (£24)
  3. Dots Value Pack – Lime & White, Aqua & White, Yellow & White, Red & White (£24)
  4. Clouds, Tu-Tone Brick, Rockwall, Flagstone (£24.50)
  5. Autumn Horizon, Wood, Under the Sea, Wintertime (£24.50)
  6. Wood, Tu-Tone Brick, Flagstone, Rockwall (£24.50)
  7. Landscape, Clouds, Autumn Horizon, Wintertime (£24.50)

An assorted 1218mm x 15m pack is also available for £82 consisting of one roll of Clouds, Tu-Tone Brick, Rockwall and Flagstone.

Fadeless® Display Sheets.

We received a lot of feedback from teachers who loved our displays rolls, but wondered if it would be possible to ge them in a large sheet format instead…and we were only too happy to comply! Sized at 609mm x 750mm, these sheets are still large enough to cover display boards quickly and easily but come without the hassle of dealing with a large roll of paper. Unfortunately these sheets are only available as part of an assortment pack and not individually, but for £22.25 you do get 10 sheets of each of the following colours: Flame, Canary, Emerald Green, Bright Blue and Black. The Fadeless® Designs are also available as sheets in an assorted pack priced at £36 and contains 10 sheets of Tu-Tone Brick, Tropical Foliage, Night Sky, Autumn Leaves and Bubbles.

57250-glossy-rolls_bGlossy Fadeless® Rolls.

For anyone who wants to do something a little bit different with their display then look no further than our glossy Fadeless® rolls! These rolls are 1218mm x 3.6m in size and have a stunning pearlized finish that allows them to stand out and create stunning visual displays. Again these rolls are only available in an assortment pack, but for £39.95 you get six fantastic colours -Jet Black, Glorious Green, Cosmic Blue, Rocker Magenta, Outrageous Orange and Sassy Yellow – so it does work out as quite the bargain!

Fadeless® Pastel Display Rolls.57461-ci-101-fadeless-pastel-rolls

Another assortment pack that is available in the 1218mm x 3.6m is made up from our Fadeless® Pastel rolls. Combining pastel tones with a delicate mottled finish, this assortment is perfect for sophisticated displays. The colours included are Powder Blue, Sage Green, Petal Pink and Sunny Yellow and at £24 (ex.VAT) there are definitely good value for money!

All of the items mentioned above are available on our Amazon page and Creativity Crafts website. If you would like one of our catalogues to see the full range in more detail then please call our office on 01384 485550 or email

**Please note all the prices mentioned in this post DO NOT include VAT.**


Focus Feature – Mister Maker

Welcome to the first of our ‘Focus Feature’ posts! The aim of this feature is to focus on a different item/product range each week so that we can make them accessible to a wider audience. The subject of our first feature is the Mister Maker range, which is regarded as one of the prides of our retail division. This range is inspired by the tv show of the same name which airs on the BBC’s dedicated children’s channel CBeebies. It aims to inspire youngsters to try their hand at art and crafts in a manner that appeals to both boys and girls through live action, graphics and a variety of animation techniques. Figures from the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) show that Mister Maker succeeds in this mission as 87% of children aged between 4 and 6 years old in the UK have watched the show. Mister Maker is sold in over 200 territories worldwide and boasts 100 shows in its UK tour alone so we are very lucky to have captured and retained this license for the past seven years.

There are six different sections of our Mister Maker range, with each section containing craft kits of varying sizes and contents. The purpose of this feature will be to look at each one in turn. All of these items are available directly from ourselves on our Creativity Crafts and Amazon pages – links to these websites will be listed at the end of this post – or in selected retail stores.

  1. A5 acetate kits. mm_88414-mm-414-sock-puppets-new-sock-1

Priced at £4.99 a pack, these packs cover a broad range of themes that appeal to both boys and girls. These include card making kits, wild animal masks, pom pom animals, pencil toppers and a variety of hand puppet kits (including wild animals, sealife, sock puppets, finger puppets and stick puppets). We are also pleased to announce five new additions to this range with our sew the shapes, fun foam creatures, robot masks, collage frames and collage animal kits. Each kit is easy to make but focuses on aiding and improving craft skills at the same time.

  1. Mister Maker Christmas.

What be88919-mm-919-christmas-stocking-madeuptter way to get your little ones excited for Christmas than with our seasonal craft kits? The kits available in this range will allow children to make their own Christmas cards, puppets, mini Christmas stockings and festive glitter creations. Prices range from £1.99 – £4.99 depending on the size of the kit so they are both affordable and make perfect little stocking fillers!


  1. ‘Flexi’ packs.88506-mm-506-vegetable-finger-puppets-group

This range features small and medium size packs that cater for both basic and more complex craft skill levels. Beginners can hone their skills with the simple honeycomb dog and caterpillar kits before advancing onto making their own vegetable finger puppets. Those with a little more craft experience can try their hand at making door hangers, corrugated card animals or the Mister Maker Mobile. These last two items are priced at £3.99, but everything else in this range is just £1.99 so they are superb value for money!


  1. Mini Makes

This is what we like to call our ‘bargain’ range as each item is only £1.99! All the kits are simple and easy to make due to the fact that they were designed in line with the concept of ‘craft on the go.’ One thing in 88913-mm-913_mini-bugs-madeupparticular that we are proud of with this range is the fact that it features a variety of content that will appeal to everyone. The kits available in this range vary from stick and hand puppets, pom pom creations, badge making…the list is endless!



  1. Boxed Kits.

These larger kits are priced at £14.99, but they all come with permanent storage containers which means that they provide countless hours of craft related fun and are practical at the same time! There are thirteen different items available in this range with prices ranging from £7.99 – £14.99 depending on the size of the item in question. As a result of this we will provide a brief outline of each item in separate sub-sections so that we can provide more detailed information.

  • Travel Desk – £14.9988802_mister-maker-travel-desk_-contents

The Mister Maker Travel Desk will not only provide hours of fun at home, but on the move as well thanks to its handy carry handle! Each desk comes with 20 colouring sheets and wax crayons along with zip pockets for storage and cushioned leg support for added comfort. It can also be folded away to provide convenience and easy storage.


  • Craft Chest and Craft Crate – £14.99 each.

88698-craft-chestBoth of these items are full to the brim with lots of essential craft items in handy plastic storage containers. Contents of the craft chest include a selection of papers, wooden craft sticks, wiggly eyes, chenille stems, tissue paper, sequins, glitter and pom poms, while the craft chest contains all of these items alongside assorted foam shapes, a glue stick, wax crayons and corrugated card.


  • Doodle Drawers – £14.99 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This particular item combines the contents of the craft chest and crate, but in a sturdy storage box rather than a plastic container. In fact this items contains over 1500 craft pieces along with four craft projects so we hope you’ll agree that this is definitely great value for money!


  • Magic Make Case – £12.99


The Mister Maker Magic Case is inspired by the hit 2013 series Mister Maker Around the World. It is based on the case used by Mister Maker in the show and comes in a sturdy box complete with carry handle for ease of transport and storage. The contents of this kit include poly shapes, assorted paper and tissue, felt shapes, pom poms, rainbow craft sticks, chenille stems, sequins, wiggly eyes, ribbon and a fun sticker sheet!


  • Mug Decorating Kit – £7.9988664-mm-mug-decorating-kit

Make warm drinks that bit more interesting by decorating your very own Mister Maker mug! Each kit contains a real porcelain mug with a pre-painted Mister Maker design, marker pens and a gift box. A quick and simple craft kit, but one that is tonnes of fun to complete!


  • Paper Clay Kit – £7.99

88636-under-the-sea-paper-clay-kitThe Mister Maker Paper Clay kit has a fabulous under the sea theme and can make up to six models. The clay is easy to use and mould into the shapes that you desire as well as being air drying and lightweight – although you will need to wait for the clay to dry before you start to paint them. Each kit comes complete with clay, paints, brush and wiggly eyes.



  • Puppet Shows – £12.99MM Aliens

The Mister Maker puppet show kits are a perfect way of keeping your Mini Makers entertained for hours on end. Not only can they build and decorate their own theatre and puppets, but they can then put on a show for everyone once all the hard work is done! There are two different kits in this range – alien and pets – so there’s plenty of opportunities for a variety of different performances! Contents include card templates, felt pens, craft sticks, tissue, pom poms and wiggly eyes.

  • Craft Boxes – £19.99

This line of craft boxes combines the top selling Mister Maker kits in sturdy plastic containers with different coloured lids to make it easy to identify the theme of each kit. You can choose from the cool craft box (blue lid), super craft box (pink lid), puppet craft box (red lid) and animal craft box (green lid) and each box contains six individual craft kits so again they are brilliant value for money!


  1. Craft Basics

The final section in our Mister Maker range is packed full of your craft essentials that are all available at very reasonable prices! If you need extra wiggly eyes, chenille stems, foam shmm-craft-basics-wiggly-eyesapes, small pom poms, shiny card or ribbons and beads for your craft activities then you can find them for as little as £1.29 a pack! Larger packs of pom poms and foam shapes are priced at £1.99 along with packs of crepe paper sheets, whilst the corrugated and holographic card packs are £2.99. We also have packs of squeezy paintbrushes available for £2.99 so you will be well covered if you decide to take part in any extra Mister Maker activities!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature and that you now have a greater understanding of all the Mister Maker products that we supply. Keep an eye out for the second instalment focusing on one of our other items/product ranges next week!

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New FREE Art Magazine Launched

New FREE Art Magazine Launched


“The Line” is now launched and available for free download:

“The Line” – ArtistPapers launch New magazine for Artists and Illustrators to discover the beauty of Strathmore. Loaded with tips and techniques, galleries, interviews and more this new magazine is published by Creativity International, owner of ArtistPapers who distribute Strathmore here in Europe, to help inspire people to try different techniques using the Strathmore range of papers.

The Line is a way for people to find out about the surprising range of Strathmore papers, how they are used, how they might incorporate them into their practice and how they might also make money as a result.

The Editor is our ArtistPapers’ Artist in Residence, Judith Selcuk.  “I am excited about the new magazine, and am already looking forward to the next issue. Do get in touch if you would like to see a topic covered. We will be looking at different techniques each month and looking at the different Strathmore papers to show you how you might use them, the benefits and also to inspire you to try something you haven’t done before.”


Or visit click on news.

We will also have printed copies at Patchings.

Opportunity- Call for submissions.

Artists who use Strathmore Artist Papers are invited to submit work, articles or ideas for ‘how to tips and techniques’ to the editor  for consideration.


THE LINE ISSUE 1 Front Cover for web.jpg

Inspiring Creativity at Grassroots

Inspiring Creativity at Grassroots

Creativity continues to inspire young artists by partnering with the Youth Art initiative of The National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies whose President is Lloyd Grossman. NADFAS supported the innovative Rotary Club of Berkhamsted Bulbourne to create the Dacorum Youth Arts Award to inspire the next generation of artists in the region.

DYA Award 2016

2016 is the Second year of the Dacorum Youth Art Award which had twice as many schools taking part and four times the number of paintings submitted. Schools from Tring, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and some of the villages in Dacorum entered.

Creativity International known to most schools’ purchasing directors and head teachers for their Fadeless Display paper, donated a fully loaded dispenser of Fadeless to the winning school and a Mister Maker Doodle Drawers to each of the overall winning children.

The paintings were hung at Astley Cooper School and more than 100 people attended the prize giving.  Prizes were presented by Mike Penning MP and the Mayor of Dacorum. The Mayor of Berkhamsted was also in attendance.

Overall 1st                           Avril Thomas                                            Bishop Wood School

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Grow your business – visit us at Stitches

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Some highlights:

  • Consumer demand for Strathmore Fine Art paper has increased dramatically over the past year in the UK market. Make sure your business is part of the growth. Our Artist in Residence, Judith Selcuk will be demonstrating at the show too.


  • Check out the Hottest CBeebies property Mister Maker – 2016 will see new lines, new livery (from summer 2016), new TV series, extensive Theatre tour, arena style  events  (Butlins etc), overseas activity.


  • Come and see Phase 2 of our Natural History Museum creative toys


  • 2015 saw thousands of our own branded Scrapbooks selling at retail – come and see what all the fuss has been about and sample the new addition due May (Write your own Fairy story); plus lots of pocket money toys and games, arts and crafts, and higher price points for that more generous revenue stream.


  • Phenomenal selling success of our own brand Sewing kits – phase 2 due in the Spring (as per new catalogue) plus exciting marketing plans in the pipeline. Great promotion lines too, keen prices offering good margins for you. Be part of it! Ask for samples. Book an appointment with Ian (contact below).


  • Many of our customers already know, we are one of the largest suppliers of Education Craft in the UK, and we are now selling some of our educational range into retail, come and have a look at the New ‘yellow label’  packs (Education to Retail).

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Creativity renew with Top CBeebies show Mister Maker

Creativity International have been the Key Licensee for the CBeebies Mister Maker show for over 7 years. We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our licence for another three years with Zodiak Kids. The consumer awareness of this TV show is HUGE, and the new Mister Maker shows and series renewals UK and Worldwide will bring continued Retail success.

The seventh series of Mister Maker – Arty Party – launched in December, became the second highest performing series for 4-6 year olds on CBeebies.

We are launching BRAND NEW packaging and an amazing range of new product for retail.

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