Top 5 Mister Maker A5 Project Craft Kits!

Go Crafty Indoors logoCan you believe we’ve reached week 3 of our ‘Go Crafty Indoors’ promotion already? We’re happy to say that it’s going from strength to strength, so to keep the momentum going we have compiled our top 5 Mister Maker A5 Project Craft Kits. These are perfect for budding mini makers as they are easy to make, improve hand/eye co-ordination and encourage children to be as creative as possible!


Animal Hand Puppets.Endangered Animal Hand Puppets

Unleash your mini maker’s wild side with our Animal Hand Puppet kit! As well as enhancing creativity, this kit also allows children to learn more about endangered animals. Each kit includes PVA glue, felt, wool, a plastic needle and wiggly eyes to allow you to make two puppets – a tiger and elephant. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

Mister Maker Foam CreaturesFun Foam Creatures.

One of our newest additions, this kit is a perfect activity for a rainy day. Each creature is easy to assemble as the foam pieces simply slot together to create a super fun 3D pal! There are enough components in every kit to create three foam creatures – a snake, frog and lizard.

Collage Frames.Mister Maker Collage Frames

The right frame is essential for any work of art or favourite photograph and now your mini maker can make the perfect frame with our Collage Frame kit! Each kit can make up to six frames and they all include PVA glue, a felt pen, assorted pom poms, wool, card, foam shapes and a paintbrush. A brilliant way of giving your images the attention they deserve!

Mister Maker Sock PuppetsSock Puppets.

This kit is a particularly popular item in this range and is a simple and fun way of keeping mini makers entertained for hours on end. Each kit contains enough material to create two brilliant sock puppets – a dog and rabbit –  so we guarantee it will provide endless amounts for fun for both the young and young at heart!


Pencil Toppers.Mister Maker Pencil Toppers

Give your stationary a new lease of life with our Mister Maker Pencil Toppers kit! Each kit can make up to five toppers – in the form of an adorable furry friend – and includes assorted pom poms, chenille stems, PVA glue, wiggly eyes, feathers and foam shapes. There’s no better way to brighten up boring pens and pencils!

You can view all these products along with the rest of our Mister Maker range on our Creativity Crafts website or on our Amazon selling page. Some products are also available from selected retailers. For more information please contact us on 01384 485550 or email

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Top 5 Mister Maker Boxed Kits!

Go Crafty IndoorsOur ‘Go Crafty Indoors’ promotion is in full swing now so we wanted to keep the momentum going and give you some more brilliant craft ideas. Last week we gave you our top 5 Mister Maker Mini Makes so this week we decided to turn out attention to our Mister Maker Boxed Kits. Not only do these kits enhance creativity, but they also make brilliant gift ideas for family and friends!


Bumper Craft Box.Mister Maker Bumper Craft Box

Keep your mini makers entertained for hours on end with this brilliant bumper craft box! Each box contains 5 of our A5 Acetate kits – 3D Foam Models, Colour and Cut Jungle, Finger Puppet Making, Make a Face and Play Stick Pets – and so will provide over 30 hours of crafty fun! It also comes in a sturdy container to provide ease of storage and keep everything neat and tidy!


MM Pet Puppet Theatre3D Puppet Show.

Let your children’s imagination and creativity run wild with this fabulous puppet kit. Available in two different variations – aliens or pets – this is perfect for a group activity or project. Each kit includes everything you’d need to create and put on a fantastic show – the box even doubles as the theatre stage!


Doodle Drawers.

Mister Maker Doodle DrawersAn essential addition to any mini maker’s collection! This kit includes over 1500 craft items and 4 different activity projects so it is perfect for honing craft skills. The box also provides an ideal form of permanent storage and helps to keep everything together. A perfect gift for any craft enthusiast!


Mister Maker Magic Make CaseMagic Make Case.

The packaging for this kit is based on Mister Maker’s own case as seen in his ‘Around the World’ series. There are hundreds of different crafty essentials included such as poly shapes, assorted paper/tissue, felt shapes, pom poms, rainbow craft sticks, chenille stems, sequins, wiggly eyes, ribbon and a fun sticker sheet. Plus everything comes in a sturdy box with a handy plastic handle for ease of storage and transportation.


Mug Decorating Kit. Mister Maker Mug Decorating Kit

A perfect project for a rainy day! This easy and fun kit is made up of a porcelain mug with a pre-printed Mister Maker themed design, 5 different coloured marker pens and gift box. There’s no better way to enjoy a lovely cup of tea!


You can view the full range of our Mister Maker products on our Creativity Crafts website or on our Amazon selling page. Some products are also available from selected retailers. For more information please contact us on 01384 485550 or email

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Top 5 Mister Maker Mini Makes!

go-crafty-indoors-smallJanuary marks the start of our ‘Go Crafty Indoors’ promotion so we decided to put our heads together and come up with some ideas to give you a heads start! To kick things off we have put together a list of the top 5 Mister Maker Mini Makes. These kits are a perfect way to get you started in our promotion as they provide hours of entertainment, stimulate learning through creative play and, at £1.99 a pack, are superb value for money!

Springer the Grasshopper.Springer Mini Make

Put a spring in your step with this cute craft kit! Budding mini makers can make the adorable Springer and realise that not all bugs are creepy or scary!


StripesStripes Mini Make the Tiger.

Get to grips with one of the largest cats around with this mini craft kit! Everything you need to make the cute but fierce Stripes is included so you’re sure to be the coolest cat in town!



Wacky Wobblers.Wacky Wobblers Mini Make

Let loose with the brilliantly bonkers Wacky Wobblers! Each kit contains enough materials to make three wobblers that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end!


Twiggy Mini MakeTwiggy the Giraffe.

Reach new heights with one of the tallest animals on the planet! Create the charming gentle giant Twiggy with this super fun kit…but make sure you take care of her extra long neck!


Space Puppets.Space Puppets

Go out of this world with this brilliant space themed mini kit! Create your own inter-galactic adventures with three different puppet designs – perfect for improving craft skills and enhancing the imagination!


You can view the full range of our Mister Maker products on our Creativity Crafts website or on our Amazon selling page. If you’d like more information on any of these products you can contact us on 01384 485550 or email

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Frankfurt Paperworld 2017

frankfurt-bannerWe are happy to announce that we will be returning to Frankfurt’s Paperworld show at the end of next month. This international trade fair is an excellent opportunity to make connections in both the education and retail sectors as well as getting a first glimpse of any new products that are ready to hit the market. It will run from 28th – 31st January at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre and our stand will be located in Hall 4, Level 1, Booth A32 (inside the Creative World section). If you are planning on attending then please pop over and say hi!

Christmas Gift Ideas

As the big day is getting ever closer, we at Creativity thought we’d put together a list of gift ideas if you’re struggling to sort out those last minute presents. All the items listed below are available either on our Amazon selling page or our Creativity Crafts website (links are at the bottom of this post).

Mister Maker Boxed Kits.image1

Our range of Mister Maker Boxed Kits provide hours of creative fun for your little mini makers. From the firm favourite Doodle Drawers through to our Alien and Pet 3D Puppet Show kits, there is something for everyone and the best thing is that everything you need is included in the box!

Mister Mini Makes.image-2

These are perfect stocking fillers if you’re in need of something small to finish off your presents. Each kit is only £1.99 and the range is so vast you are guaranteed to find something that appeals to boys and girls alike. This range was also designed with the idea of ‘craft on the go’ in mind so each design is quick and easy to make.


Natural History Museum Range.image2

We are particularly proud of our exclusive Natural History Museum kits as they provide hours of fun as well as prompting discovery and understanding of the natural world. From dinosaurs to the Coral Reef, sloths to the Rainforest these kits showcase a vast range of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Jewellery Making Kits.



Perfect for anyone you know that has a flair for jewellery! Our top selling standard kit contains enough materials to make 20 bracelets and 24 necklaces, whilst our other four kits provide variation as they are based on specific themes: warm, cool or bright colours and wedding jewellery respectively. Guaranteed to keep your loved ones busy for hours as well as honing their creativity and hand/eye co-ordination.



Scrapbooks and Scrapbooking Kit. image3

Our range of Creativity Scrapbooks provide hours of fun whilst also encouraging children to use their imagination. There are six books in total with each one based on a specific theme – adventures, pirate stories, fairy stories, drawing, travel activities or colouring your own calendar. Or if any of these don’t take your fancy then what about our card and scrapbooking kit? This contains everything you would need to make fantastic and unique scrapbooks.

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Go Crafty Indoors 2017

Creativity International Ltd is excited to announce the launch of its new ‘Go Crafty Indoors’ promotion. Taking place throughout January and February 2017, the idea is to encourage children to get creative and take part in indoor craft activities during the cold winter months. In the course of this promotion we will be providing you with regular craft ideas and tips across all of our social media platforms to get your creativity flowing. That’s not all though! We want to see what you get up to so if you send images of your completed craft activities over to us you could be in with a chance of winning a bumper craft kit! So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking caps on now so that you’re all set for when it all kicks off on 3rd January!

Focus Feature- Bordette®

Followingbordette on from last week’s focus on our range of Fadeless® display paper, this week’s feature is going to look at another essential item for classroom displays: Bordette® border rolls. These border rolls are now infamous and are asked for by name in schools throughout the world. Our leading pre-cut border trim is made in our warehouse in the UK using corrugated Fadeless® paper and is available in vast array of colours and three different designs. The scalloped edge finish still remains an old favourite but the Zig-Zag and Castle edged designs are fast becoming more popular, with all three helping to add the finishing touch to any display by complementing our Fadeless® display paper. As with the Fadeless® range there are a number of different sections to the Bordette® brand so this feature will again look at each one in turn. Once again please note that all prices mentioned do not include VAT.

 Scalloped finish Bordette®.

As mentioned above, the scalloped edge Bordette® rolls remains our best seller. Each roll carries measurements of 57mm x 15m (two strips of 7.5m per roll) and are available in the following 24 colours:


White (3701-4) Deep Purple (3704-4) Chinese Red (3706-4) Nile Green (3712-4) Azure (3716-4) Teal (3719-4) Pink (3726-4) Violet (3733-4)
Brown (3702-4) Lime (3705-4) Canary (3708-4) Apple Green (3713-4) Bright Blue (3717-4) Royal Blue (3720-4) Orchid (3728-4) Magenta (3734-4)
Flame (3703-4) Sunset Gold (3707-4) Orange (3710-4) Emerald (3714-4) Rich Blue (3718-4) Sky Blue (3721-4) Black (3730-4) Metallic Gold (3739-4)

Each roll is also only £2.99 so they are superb value for money! We do also provide an assortment pack of our scalloped Bordette® rolls at a cost of £18 for one roll of each of the following colours: Black, Flame, Bright Blue, Emerald, Rich Blue and Canary.


Zig-Zag, Castle and Straight cut finishes.

In addition to the scalloped edges, we also supply zig-zag, castle and straight cut edges. Again they are £2.99 a roll with measurements of 57mm x 15m, but they are only available in a limited range of colours:

  Zig-Zag Castle Straight
White 3301-4 3351-4

Flame 3303-4 3353-4 3403-4
Canary 3308-4 3358-4 3408-4
Orange 3310-4 3360-4

Apple Green 3313-4 3363-4

Emerald 3314-4 3364-4 3414-4
Bright Blue 3317-4 3367-4 3417-4
Rich Blue 3318-4 3368-4

Black 3330-4 3380-4 3430-4
Violet 3333-4 3383-4



zigzag-bordetteThese imaginative finishes offer teachers something a little bit different to set their displays apart from everyone else’s and each finish is also available in a six roll castle-bordetteassortment pack. Just like the scalloped pack, these are priced at £18 and contain the following colours:

Zig-Zag and Castle = Flame, Bright Blue, Black, Emerald, Canary, Rich Blue

Straight Cut = Flame, Canary, Emerald, Bright Blue, Magenta, Black.


Bumper Bordette® Assortment.37002-ci-101-roll-12-bordette-assortment_a

This has got to be every teacher’s dream border roll pack! Made up of 12 rolls of scalloped finished Bordette®, this assortment pack is brilliant value for money at only £33! The colours included are white, brown, flame, canary, orange, nile green, emerald, bright blue, rich blue, black, violet and magenta so you get a superb variety of colours to fit any display.

Coloured Themed Assortments.

We have also put together a range of colour themed assortment packs using our scalloped Bordette® rolls in packs containing either four or six rolls priced at £12 or £18 respectively.

  • Four roll packs

These assortment packs contain similar or related colours that complement each other, with these five packs available at this moment in time:37010-reds-oranges_b

  1. Reds/Oranges – Flame, Orange, Chinese Red, Sunset Gold
  2. Purple/Pinks – Violet, Deep Purple, Magenta, Pink
  3. Blues- Sky, Rich, Azure, Bright Blue37012-blues_b
  4. Greens – Emerald, Lime, Nile and Apple Green
  5. Neutrals – Black, White, Brown, Metallic Gold
  • Six roll packs

There are six different packs in this section, with each pack again containing similar or related colours.

  1. Warm Colours – Flame, Canary, Black, Orange, Violet and Metallic Gold37004-bordette-spring-asst
  2. Spring/Pastel Tones – 2 x Nile Green, 2 x Sky Blue, 1 x Pink, 1 x Canary
  3. Cool Colours- Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue, Nile Green, Azure and White
  4. Cool Blues – 2 x Royal Blue, 2 x Bright Blue, 1 x Teal, 1 x Azure
  5. Halloween – 2 x Orange, 2 x Black, 1 x Violet, 1 x Apple Green
  6. Autumn – 2 x Brown, 2 x Orange, 1 x Apple Green, 1 x Flame.37005-bordette-autumn-asst



Stockroom Assortments.3795x-bordette-stockroom-asst_a

We have two fantastic items in this range that are perfect for keeping your favourite border trims tidy and on hand. Each box contains 36 rolls, with them both priced at £99. The original is made up of the six top selling colours, whilst the newer line contains 12 different colours to add even more variety to your displays!

Original = six rolls of Flame, Canary, Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue and Black

New line = three rolls of White, Brown, Flame, Canary, Orange, Nile Green, Emerald, Bright Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Violet and Magenta.

Bumper Borders Box.37930-bumper-borders-box

This is a stunning collection of our borders. The storage box contains a standard (scalloped) Bordette® assortment, a Zig-Zag assortment, a Fadeless® Card Borders assortment and an assorted pack of solid coloured trimmers. To put it another way, you get over 300m of borders for just £72.50!

Fadeless® Card Border Rolls.



If you want a border for your display but would like something a bit different to Bordette® then maybe you should try our Fadeless® Card Border Rolls! Made from strong 270gsm card, these rolls offer a crisp, professional finish to displays and also act as a perfect solution for areas of high traffic. There are twelve solid and two metallic colours available in the range, with each roll consisted of a scalloped and straight edge:

White (7700-0) Emerald Green (7714-0)
Flame Red (7703-0) Azure Blue (7716-0)
Canary (7708-0) Bright Blue (7717-0)
Orange (7710-0) Rich Blue (7718-0)
Nile Green (7712-0) Black (7730-0)
Apple Green (7713-0) Violet (7733-0)
Metallic Silver (7797-0) Metallic Gold (7798-0)

The solid rolls are priced at £2.99 a roll and the metallic colours are £3.75, with each roll measuring 57mm x 15m (just like the Bordettes®). We also offer three assortment packs that are made up of six border rolls and are all priced at £18:ass-bulletin

  1. General Assortment = Flame, Canary, Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue, Black

warm-bulletin2. Warm Colours = Flame, Canary, Black, Orange, Violet, Whitecool-bulletin

3. Cool Colours = Emerald, Bright Blue, Rich Blue, Nile Green, Azure Blue, Apple Green

In addition to these packs we have bumper 12 and 36 roll assortment packs available. The 12 roll pack includes one roll of each of the solid colours we supply and, at £33 a pack, we have to say they are superb value for money! The 36 roll ‘value’ pack, on the other hand, is made up of three rolls of all the solid colours available in the range and is a superb classroom resource. Plus, at £99 it’s affordable as well as essential!

We do also have two assortment packs for our straight cut border rolls, which consist of six bumper 25m rolls. These are priced at £22.95 and are available in the following combinationsborder-rolls-1:

Standard = Flame, Canary, Nile Green, Bright Blue, Black, Violetborder-rolls-2

Festive = White, Flame, Emerald, Rich Blue, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold


Unfortunately these straight cut rolls are only available as part of these packs and so are not available to buy individually.

Design Bordette®

The Design Bordette® is a hugely popular range that features themed and patterned border which add something special to any display. There are 16 designs in total and each roll contains 2 x 3.75m strips for £3.35. We also have two assorted packs available in this range that are made up of six patterns:

37600-CI-101 37500-CI-101
Crayons (3769-0)

School Days (3761-0)

Spring Flower (3791-0)


Dots (3774-0)

Stars (3790-0)

Busy Bees (3775-0)


Handprints (3760-0)

Cupcakes (3773-0)


Autumn Leaves (3768-0)


Plaid (3772-0)


Winter Fun (3792-0)


Clouds (3793-0)


37995-bordette-designs-bumper-assortmentThere are four designs – Vintage Lace, Bandana, Watercolour Flowers, Driftwood – that are not included in either of these packs as they are brand new for 2016! However, they are available as part of our 32 roll value classpack, which contains two rolls of every design that we supply and is priced at £99.frame-it

We do have one Bordette® design that we haven’t mentioned yet as it is a little bit unique. The Framed It! Bordette® (3770-0) is straight cut and was specifically designed for framing display boards and/or individual pieces of work, but it is still priced at £3.35 like the rest of our designed rolls.

Safari Print Assortment.

37940-ci-101-safari-print-bordette-asst_aWe already have a very popular Safari print range available in tissue paper, Fadeless® rolls, felt and card packs but we are very happy to say that you can now get them in Bordette® as well! The pattern on each roll is the same on both sides, with one side corrugated and the other straight. Unfortunately these rolls are not available individually, but you can get them in a fantastic assortment pack which is priced at £19.25 and contains one roll of the following patterns: giraffe, zebra, snake, alligator, tiger, cheetah.


These particular rolls provide a glitzy finish and eye catching appeal to all your displays, especially around Christmas time! They are a perfect way to brighten up a classroom during the long winter months and are available in seven different colours: black, red, blue, gold, silver, green, purple. Each roll is 57mm wide, contains 2 x 3.75m strips and is priced at £4.00. We also have an assortment pack of the most popular metallic colours available to buy for £21.50. Each pack contains one roll of silver, gold, red, blue, green and purple.

Crown Corrugated Borders.

bordette-crownIf you want something a little different for your display then our metallic crown borders pack might be the thing for you! Despite not being available to buy separately, each pack contains 5 corrugated metallic borders in blue, silver, gold, red and green with all the rolls measuring 10m in length (2 x 5m strips). For £12.95 you can create a unique display that no one else would have…or you can make fancy crowns instead!



For something a little different during the winter months, our icicle Bordette® rolls are available in a variety of different sizes and colours and – like the Crown borders – can be used to put the finishing touch on displays or make crowns for school plays! The Metallic Gold is only available in the 70mm x 7.5m size and is priced at £3.85, but we do have White and Silver rolls available in this size and a larger 127mm x 15m. The prices for these are as follows:

  • White (small) = £3.25OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • White (large) = £5.25
  • Silver (small) = £3.95
  • Silver (large) = £6.75.

Winter Bordette® Assortment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a unique combination of our metallic and icicle Bordette® rolls. At a fantastic price of £18.50, you can get two rolls of our white icicles and one roll each of metallic red, blue, gold and silver – the perfect solution to glitzing up your displays in the run up to Christmas!


If you are interested in any of these products and would like more information about them you can request for a catalogue to be sent out to you by calling 01384 485550 and emailing